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HypnoBirthing Montreal

Welcome to HypnoBirthing Montreal. If you’re looking for birth education classes which will help you calm fears and anxieties around the subject of birth, you have come to the right place. Mika is an experienced birth doula and HypnoBirthing childbirth educator with the Mongan Method program.


She is very pleased to offer private classes in person. The classes are fun and interactive, and teach you and your partner how to enter a state of deep relaxation, summon your natural birthing instincts and to birth your baby safely and with ease.

Private Classes with Mika:

Private Classes will give you the benefit of taking the classes at your own schedule,

in person, at the comfort of your home - anywhere in Montreal and the surrounding area. 

Offered in five consecutive weeks. The program is laid out in five 3h hours classes.

Under special circumstances private classes can be offered over a weekend.

Price: 1250$ for 5 private classes

No upcoming events at the moment

Kind words

This course is a great resource to learn about the hypnobirthing approach! Mika is an incredible instructor, she is friendly, engaged, and knowledgeable, and provides lots of support even outside of course hours to answer any questions or concerns. My partner and I took this course to prepare for our second birth, and it had a really wonderful impact on how calm and confident we were about approaching labour the second time around. It really allows you to fully trust your body and birthing process. With the support of Mika, who was also our doula, I was able to use several of the techniques within the hypnobirthing approach, such as visualization and relaxation, to ride the intensity as labour progressed. But it helped just as much to prepare mentally for giving birth as it did during labour itself. It's a wonderful approach that aims to give birthing families back a peaceful and joyful experience, and remind them of their strength and ability to shape the birthing process.

Catherine McPherson

Mika has so much knowledge. She will guide you and help you make choices that are right for you, without ever putting any pressure. It was so nice to have her to answer my questions throughout pregnancy. Hypnobirthing gave me confidence in my body and helped me put my fears aside to birth naturally. I hired Mika as my doula and it was a great decision as her guidance allowed me to have the birth that I wished for.

Sarah Rassi


Mika is a wonderful Hypnobirthing teacher. I learned so many valuable things that transformed my understanding and experience of childbirth to go on to have my dream home birth with her as my doula. I highly recommend hypnobirthing and Mika as a guide for anything related to birth.

Chloe Waretini

What an incredible and empowering journey it has been following Mika’s hypnobirthing classes and being assisted by her throughout this second pregnancy! The power of hypnobirthing classes, and the required involvement and preparation from yourself and your partner, truly helped me prepare for that second birth and to be able to deliver my little boy naturally, in confidence, while welcoming every stages of the journey with joyce, positivity and hope as opposed to fear and apprehensions. Mika was available to answer my zillion questions with patience and insight both before and after birth (hello 4th trimester). But mostly, her presence during the big day, her calmness, knowledge, right actions and right words at the right time, and accompanying were just perfect, Her soothing voice and wisdom helped me do the most beautiful yet the most difficult thing in confidence. After delivery, I spontaneously called Mika my fairy godmother- she is a gifted doula I recommend her with no hesitation!

Josiane Bigué

Mika’s HypnoBirthing class is excellent. The coursework, combined with Mika’s know-how, helped us manage our fear and foster a feeling of calm and confidence going into the birth. As a doula, Mika also supported us through the birth of our daughter. Her expertise, open-mindedness and wholehearted approach enabled us to make informed choices, aligned with our wishes and values. We are forever grateful to have had Mika by our side, helping us prepare, and guiding us through birth and into the postpartum period. I highly recommend the course and her doula services!

Sarah Hoida

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