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Mika Rock

Hi, I’m Mika Rock. I am passionate about supporting families in pregnancy, birth and parenting in greater Montreal and internationally.


I am an experienced birth doula and yoga teacher, specializing in pelvic floor and hormonal health and wellness, with a decade of experience of teaching pre and postnatal yoga. I am also a Shiatsu therapist, and have a bachelor’s in education and I’m a certified science teacher.

Growing up, my father was a scientist, and my mother, a pioneering holistic psychotherapist. Whenever I was sick, my mother used to press on my feet, to help me heal with reflexology. This was in the early ’80s. In our home, discussions about scientific versus holistic ways of thinking were regular conversations at the dinner table. Over the years, I’ve studied and gained hands-on experience in both worlds, and have been drawn to finding the places where the holistic and the scientific are complementary.

I have been passionate about birth and parenting for many years, supporting families since 2002.

Birth is a sacred passage; wherever you choose to give birth I’m here to support you and your family. I support you in your birthing experience your way.

In my birth doula bag, I bring a variety of options to your birth. I will offer you the tools that are most relevant to you and your family. I work with your partner (if you have one) and support them in the way they choose to show up for you at the birth. I can integrate in your support different tools from; visualization, embodiment, meditation, postures and breathing techniques, pressure points, somatic awareness, Rebozo, Zen shiatsu, homeopathy, essential oils and HypnoBirthing. 

My support goes beyond birth by being present for you in early postpartum. I can offer tips and ideas on how to support your healing after giving birth, including attuned somatic birth healing sessions.

I am with you for breastfeeding support—as  much as is needed, referring to other professional support people if issues are beyond my scope, ie: an IBCLC. I can offer newborn care tips and give ideas on how to navigate the first challenging and magical steps of parenting and beyond.  


  • Certified Holistic Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula

  • HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

  • Certified Yoga teacher specializing in women’s health and wellness

  • Certified Shiatsu therapist

  • Board Member of the Quebec Association of Doulas (AQD)

  • Currently studying to become a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)   

  • Naturopath, member of the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada.

If you reading this and your still early on in your pregnancy and are asking the question I'm pregnant and now what?!? We, Gabriela Mizrahi and I have created this guide to support you as you take the next essential steps on YOUR journey. Check out The Ultimate Montreal Pregnancy Guide!

My somatic birth healing practice is rooted in Somatic Experiencing®, a gentle and empowering mind-body approach that taps into your body awareness to address underlying trauma, release tension and calm your nervous system. A basic premise of the evidence-based SE™ approach is to create a sense of safety in the body and nervous system.

In 2022, I came together with an incredible group of Montreal doulas to create the Doula Circle. Together, we are tapping into our common purpose of SERVING BIRTHING FAMILIES.

We are a diverse community of fabulous Montreal birth, postpartum doulas and Perinatal practitioners, supporting your family on your unique journey to parenthood and helping you find your path with confidence and ease. To learn more about our Doula Circle your welcome to visit my website!

When choosing to join our community of support. I invite you to join our thriving family circle community. Where you will find on going non judgmental peer support. In an active group of families. Since April 2020, with a lively Whatsapp group and in person park meetups during the warm moths. What started early on in the pandemic. Has become a powerful community of peer support, for raising your family!

Learn more about HypnoBirthing and my other birth and parenting support offerings!

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